Refund Policy
Our refund policy for our business units is organized by the type of service or product being offered
Our refund policy is organized by the type of service or product being offered. In general, Hummingbird does not offer refunds for digital products and services unless it is necessary due to errors in billing and operations. Our refunds policy for common products and services are organized below.
Digital Products
Subscription Products
Enterprise Contracts
Due to the digital nature of the products available for purchase on our marketplaces, Hummingbird does not offer refunds. The only exception is that refunds are made only when required by applicable law. A customer will have to make a formal request to The Hummingbird Group, Inc. in order to receive a refund.
We do not offer refunds when a customer has purchased an item by mistake, when the customer has changed their mind, or when a product is no longer available for download.
If you choose to cancel a subscription with Hummingbird, your subscription will remain valid for the remainder of the billing period during which you requested the refund. Hummingbird does not offer refunds for previous billing periods.
Hummingbird does not offer refunds due to a service not working for you as an individual. However, exceptions can be made for cases where our services are not being provided in accordance with the service agreement attached to your subscription.
Hummingbird will prorate service charges due to system outages or errors in operations.

Subscriptions that this Refund Policy Applies to

  • Quantum Predictive Preloading Paid Subscriptions
  • Coded Developers Premium Memberships
  • Coded Market Premium Memberships
If you have entered into an enterprise contract with Hummingbird, the refund and termination policy is outlined in the "Termination" section of your service contract. Please contact your Hummingbird team member for questions regarding your contract.
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